International Property Awards 2013 – Design by Deborah, Award Winning Interior Designers

We found out last week that we have won an award in the residential category of this years International Property Award. We don’t know the level of the award as that will be revealed at the award ceremony in October at the Grosvenor House Hotel. Not that that matters at the moment; we are all delighted that all our hard work has been recognised. Award Winning Interior Designers. We submitted a barn conversion project that we have been working on for nearly a year and recently completed. This was an interior design and implementation for a retired couple that were downsizing with a house full of antiques. The challenge was to mix the old with the new in a classic and elegant way that also fe

What Makes a Building Listed

What are listed buildings and what does it tell you about the building and how does it affect you if you are the owner? The concept of listed buildings was introduced during World War II as a way of determining which buildings should be rebuilt if they were damaged by bombing. Shortly after the war there was the first list of buildings of special historical or architectural importance compiled. In England, listed buildings are designated by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, acting on advice from English Heritage. English Heritage assesses the building and any material, provided to support an application and then makes a recommendation. The criteria for listing a building a

What does Andy Murray & Interior Design have in Common?

More than you think. His nomadic lifestyle probably means that he doesn’t give it much thought, but the hard work in creating success is a common thread. I know a little about his world. I am the proud owner of three GB vests. I ran for Great Britain at the marathon distance in the time ‘bc’, that is before children. There was no lottery funding then so I did it whilst holding down a full time job, not easy, but I wasn’t competing at Andy’s level. However my success wasn’t just down to me. I couldn’t have done it without a supportive team. My coach, John Anderson, was always inspiring, my Physio on hand when I needed him, the girls from my club, encouraging, giving advice and company on all

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