The Advantages of Using an Interior Designer

The advantages of using an Interior Designer. Our homes play an important part in our lives. They are the backdrop to our triumphs, tragedies, family festivities and dramas, where we can retreat from the world and be ourselves, where we can now work and learn, bring up families and care for the elderly, in fact in today’s world our homes have never worked so hard for us and on top of all that we hope we have an appreciating asset! The interior design of your home should be as important to you as the design of your car or your favourite outfit. So why not employ a professional to help you get it right. Here are some of the benefits of employing an Interior Designer. 1. Saves time – The inter

Why Employ an Interior Designer?

Why employ an Interior Designer when you are very capable of choosing colours and furniture yourself? It is a question I very rarely get asked because either someone is too polite to challenge the basis of my business or they have already decided they need help with the design of their home. But it is an interesting idea that just because you can does that mean that you should? In today’s busy world we employ a lot of people to do things that we are perfectly capable of doing but would rather not or simply don’t have the time, such as car washing and window cleaning, we even now can have our shopping delivered to us. Society has moved along way from the war years where everyone did things fo

A Deadline can Focus the Mind in Whatever you Want to Achieve

Last weekend I was in a flamenco show in London. Dancing has always been a passion of mine and I started flamenco dancing whilst living in Madrid. Amazingly I was able to continue my classes when we returned home to London. I dance every week at the award winning flamenco dance school called Ilusion Flamenco with the wonderful Angela Alonso as teacher. We perform in a Gala show every two years, practicing hard and taking all of us well out of our comfort zone. Our class was doing two dances, Alegria and Ferruca, however the rest of the class had learnt the first dance in the previous year when I had missed a lot of classes due to a knee problem. I had decided I would just do the second dance

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