You Said 'How Much?'

You have decided to extend your home, or maybe convert your loft, improve your property or make those long outstanding repairs. You have some building contractors recommended to you and you receive a couple of quotes. But, do you have any idea of how much your work will cost? How are you going to judge what is overpriced, what is good value and what is simply too good to be true? It is simple… you employ a Chartered Surveyor. It is part of their job to give a value to construction work. They are impartial, professional and have current knowledge of the cost of materials, labour and the building regulations. An initial visit will allow a qualified expert to give you a range of construction co

Colour Phobia? Think Pattern Instead

Colour phobia! Think pattern instead. Colour is creeping back into the interior design market after a long time of a neutral colour palette. This is not a surprise as people start to gain confidence in their future prospects they also become braver in what they wear and how they decorate their home. However bright colours aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you like monochromatic colour schemes or to keep your colour choices very simple how do you make sure your interior design remains interesting? Pattern is the answer. When the same or limited colours are used there is a great opportunity to go wild with patterns. Not just stripes and checks but large motifs printed and embroidered on fabrics

Wonderful Wallpaper Design

Wonderful wallpaper designs. Wallpapers have a come a long way since the time of our parents and grandparents when delicate florals and anaglypta covered every wall. I remember our Italian next door neighbours having red flocked wallpaper in a modest semi detached home like ours, which according to my mother was way over the top but I secretly admired it. I loved to touch it, follow the pattern with my eyes and just look at it, something you would never do with a plain inoffensive backdrop. It may well have been too much but it certainly left an impression on me and I can still picture it to this day including the Venetian gondola that lit up on the mantel piece! That really was too much! We

Writing a Book

The book that I have written is about advice on how to develop an interior design scheme like a professional. It guides people through the interior design process and how to avoid those common mistakes when re-decorating the home. They are then able to confidently put together an exciting and imaginative interior design scheme that meets all their objectives. Why I wrote it Over two years ago I decided to invest in a six month intensive business course to help me make a step change in the development of my Interior Design business. I had never given any thought to writing a book although there are many Interior Designers who regularly publish books. The business course explained why. Writing

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