Mood Boards, Why Bother?

Mood boards, why bother? Most people don’t bother to create a mood board for their own home, what is the point I hear you cry? They take time and effort which could be more usefully used on doing the decorating rather than thinking about it surely? However, we all know that when something has been carefully planned the chance of making a mistake decreases enormously and creating a mood board is an important part of that planning process. Mood boards created professionally can be a work of art but as a simple exercise, for you and your family’s eyes only, it just needs to be a collection of samples and pictures together in one place where you can see everything you are proposing to buy. It i

Interior Design Award - Work with an Award Winning Team of Designers

This blog is a little self indulgent but it is our first Interior Design Award and we are feeling very proud of ourselves so I hope you will forgive us. We have submitted interior design projects before without success, but this time we won a highly commended interior design for a private residence, South East UK Award. We were able to demonstrate that we had designed a complete interior from the internal structure such as position of radiators and lighting through to fully fitted kitchen and bathrooms. It was a barn conversion in North Hampshire and there are photos of the final design on our web site gallery. It took just over a year from start to finish. In the submission you had to demon

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