Decorating Your Own Home is the Most Difficult

Decorating your own home is the most difficult. I am currently redecorating my daughter’s bedroom whilst she is at university. I have been wanting to do it for a while; I would be embarrassed if any of my clients saw it, but I managed to ignore it by keeping the door shut! She is a lovely, beautiful and hard working young woman and I am very proud of all that she does so whilst her school work was a priority I decided not to create anymore stress in her life by turning her room upside down. It is worth remembering that redecorating can be stressful, decisions need to be made, quotes obtained, everything ordered and then there is managing the project. I always advise my clients to avoid any k

Colour is Back

Colour is back. Colour in interior design is back, really back and I am not the only one to have noticed; I have read other people tweeting about it too! I don’t just mean as an accent but as an integral part of a design scheme. A great example of this is the Ambersand Hotel in London that opened this summer. My blog last week spoke of using hotels as a source of inspiration and if you would like to use colour in your home then the photos on this website will get your creative juices flowing. As with all fashions once the world has had enough of one look then the trend setters introduce something new and fresh, so don’t just stay with the black, grey and taupe, as smart as they are, they ca

Do You Want Your Home to Look Like a Boutique Hotel?

Have you ever visited a hotel and wished that your home looked like that? Or have you thought that you would rather your hotel felt more like home! For an interior designer they are two very different markets although of course they have a lot in common. Hotels are a business and therefore interior design is an investment and needs to add value in the same way as any other investment is expected to. A poorly designed hotel with shabby rooms cannot charge as much as an elegant and beautifully decorated hotel. The interior design needs to suit its particular type of customer whether that is a businessman, tourist or honeymooning couple for example and needs to be hard wearing, beautiful and sa

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