Want to Use Spring Colours in Your Home?

Spring colours – I expect you are looking forward to Spring as much as I am. It hasn’t been a cold Winter, indeed as I am writing this the sun is shining and it feels like April outside, but it has certainly been wet! So, I thought I would excite you about the forthcoming Spring season by telling you about the colour trends that you should expect to see in an Interior Design shop near you very soon. There is not THE colour anymore, there are still plenty of pastels and greys that are trending right now but where once brands relied on a certain colour to base their collections on, they are now choosing a particular hue of many colours giving a much larger range of choice in interior design

China - A Place of Contrasts

China, a place of contrasts - I have visited many parts of Asia and seen the most amazing architecture, fabric and furniture and I have eaten some fantastic food. I have also been to Hong Kong a number of times but that is China with a distinctly British flavour, however I have never been to the rest of China. I recently visited four Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai. It is well known that China’s incredible economic growth has catapulted this ancient civilisation into the second most powerful nation in the world. This also means that it has opened its society and country to the outside world and shared with us again it’s incredible heritage that is second to none and in many cas

Spanish Interior Design

A couple of weekends ago I was in Madrid looking at interior design opportunities. I love Madrid, we lived there for three years when the children were a lot smaller and we had a great time, learnt to speak Spanish, ate some fantastic food and met some great people. I think you have a different relationship with a place when you live there rather than just visit. I love England and it will always be my home but I admire the Spanish for their healthy disrespect for rules, the importance of the family, their long sociable lunches and their sense of style and class. They are having a tough time economically at the moment with unemployment of the under 25s running at almost 50%. However, the hop

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