Transforming a House into a Home

When work is going well, life’s orderly mechanics can get left by the way side. For some it’s keeping in touch with family and friends. For others it’s keeping up good cooking habits. But for a few (the really busy people amongst us) they may find that not enough time remains in our busy schedules to design their home. Transforming a house into the space you dream of is no mean feat. You may not be aware of how a truly well designed living environment makes you feel until you find yourself walking into a home beautiful enough to shake your foundations. A home is made of layers. A charming home is full of character, the result of simple touches such as discovered objects, lampshades, miscella

How to Create the Ultimate Feature Wall

The idea of having a feature wall is not a new one and there are ways you can make sure you create something truly stunning everyone will love. Which Wall? Sometimes this is obvious such as in a bedroom where the obvious wall to choose is the one behind the bed. In this case the feature wall then frames the bed. In the bathroom it would normally be where the shower or bath is situated, but in the general living areas it is not always so obvious. The plan is for the feature wall to have impact so you wouldn’t want to choose the wall of the point of entry and the wall needs to be visible from various parts of the room. Ideally it wouldn’t be the smallest wall and if you have an unusually shape

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