Modern Rugs - The Must-Have Interior Design Trend Accessory

Modern Rugs – The Must-have Interior Design Trend Accessory – Trends come and go, some at a remarkable pace but others linger for longer, a sign they are loved, wanted and practical. 2014 looks set to usher in a whole new set of interior design trends, all of which are enhanced or complete with the addition of a rug. What colours and schemes are we looking at this year? What delights are set to fill our homes and uplift us from the grey clouds and rain of winter, into the lightness of spring and the warmth of summer. Spring – the time for new things to emerge and established things to flourish once again. We often think of spring as the time for new things, it is also the time for well-estab

Interior Design Rules & Regulations

We are all aware of the rules and regulations that control our behaviour and give us the safe and tolerant society that we enjoy today. However, I sometimes wonder whether the point is missed when rules and regulations are drawn up. This occurred to me in the bath last night. I had been for a long hard bike ride (90 miles) and my treat was a lovely soak. I thought I would put on a face mask, not something I do very often and I am not sure how much good they do, but I thought that it wouldn’t do any harm. Sat there, I realised I didn’t know how long to leave it on for and I know this one can make your face go red. But I couldn’t read any of the instructions! So much information was having to

Easter Interior Design Inspiration

If someone were to ask me what Easter meant to me as a child (growing up in rural Derbyshire) I would have to say fond memories of colourful Easter eggs lined up like soldiers in their sentry boxes along our old oak sideboard. Now I think of soft pastel creams and greens and warm sunshine. With the heavy downpours and cold winds hopefully behind us, we can start to look ahead to brighter and fresher weather outside which will inspire us to rejuvenate the inside of our homes inside! Choose a room in your home, maybe the dining room for example. Sit down in the centre of the room and take a 360 degree slow look around. Does it all look a bit drab, a bit tired and in need of a restyle or an i

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