The World Cup, Do You Love It or Hate It?

Interior Design Features – World Cup, do you love it or hate it? It is that time of year when there is always a major sport competition that dominates the television and news. I love sport and although I am not a great football fan, when it comes to an international competition I find myself drawn to the drama. There are always heroes and villains, teams and players who perform beyond expectation and those who fall well short. For someone, this tournament will change their life and we will hear names we haven’t previously been aware off. All human emotion will be on display from ecstasy to sorrow all played out on a football field. Love it or hate it, you certainly can’t avoid it. There are

Planning is Key if you have a Deadline for your Interior Design

Planning is key if you have a deadline – Some of the blogs I write are as a direct response to our clients experiences and this is one of them – the importance of forward planning. Most of our clients expect to have completed their interior design scheme within two months of appointing us as their interior designer and our experience is that the average project length is six months. Of course it depends on how much you need doing but if you are wanting good quality tradespeople to do the work then they are not generally available immediately unless you are lucky enough to take a cancellation spot. This is even more noticeable now that the economy is starting to grow again. We have a number o

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