Hack a Small Space Like a Pro with These 9 Design Tricks

Depending on the design, a small space can be described as “cosy” and “charming” or “stuffy” and “cramped”. While it’s easy to select paint colour, furniture items, and lighting solutions for a large area, decorating a small space requires a lot more creativity and planning. But fear not! Today we are sharing a few interior design tricks professional designers use when working with small spaces. Let’s get started. 1. Declutter! Declutter! Declutter! We can’t stress enough the importance of decluttering. Not only does it instantly give you more space, but, according to research, eliminating unnecessary items from our lives has positive psychological effects – from boosting creativity, to faci

How to Decorate Your Wall on a Limited Budget

A house is a collection of items – be it furniture or appliances – organised around certain functions and stylistically unified by interior design elements. A home, on the other hand, is a collection of emotions, memories, and senses – feelings of safety, joy, relaxation, nostalgia, and bright hopes. It’s when we add emotions and positive associations to “stuff” that they come together to create a home. A terrific way to do so is by decorating you wall. In fact, no matter how exquisitely decorated your home is, if the walls are completely naked, the balance of the space will always feel off. Luckily, there is a myriad of ways to decorate and personalise a wall, irrespective of its size. The

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