The 8 Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Home Office Design Everyone Working from Home Should Know

The Office of National Statistics reported that 49.2% of those employed were working from home in April. COVID-19 was, of course, the driving factor. In the first couple of months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all felt confused and frightened. Our routines got disrupted and we had to figure out how to work from home, minimize social interactions, and help our kids transition to distance learning. We’ve all seen Tweets and Instagram posts of people improvising workstations, from using a laundry basket as a computer desk, to hacking kitchen counter space. Now that we’ve had quite some time living this new reality, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the way we work has undergone a profound

Brits Are Loving These 10 Living Room Furniture Items

Between one-day shipping, AR-enabled mobile apps that let you visualise items in your space, one-click payments, and digital coupons, it’s no wonder that millions of shoppers prefer to purchase items online – clothes, groceries, tools, and, increasingly, furniture. In 2015 alone, UK shoppers spent £533 on e-commerce websites. While we still prefer the offline experience when it comes to expensive pieces of furniture, which certainly makes sense, we tend to shop for smaller items from the convenience of our own homes, making our overly hectic lives just a tad easier. We decided to take a look at the most popular living room furniture on to see what British homeowners are shopping

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