The clients had owned this home for over 40 years. They had enlarged it three times and the style of each part reflected the time when it was extended. They had brought up their children in this home and it contained very special and happy memories. Throughout their married life together they had owned properties around the world but after retiring they had sold them and wanted to upgrade their UK home. 


The challenge was to create a design that would include their many treasured and valuable items, whilst creating a modern and cohesive design scheme for a comfortable lifestyle. So many pieces held particular memories and it was important to present a design scheme that gave them options of retaining or replacing certain elements or recommending that some things should simply just go.


As is often the case in a house that has been extended many times there were certain parts that had very little natural light and other rooms, especially bedrooms, where the shape was not ideal. There was a lot of 80’s style fitted furniture full of items never used or looked at. The clients did have to carry out some serious decluttering but once the space was freed up it allowed for more creative room layouts and a sense of breathing new life into rooms that had been smothered with stuff.


Whilst the clients wanted the style to be modern they did not want it to look like a show home. They liked bright fresh colours that reflected the beautiful Hampshire countryside they could see outside their windows. Comfort was also very important as there were health issues that needed to be considered when preparing the design. The clients also had very impressive and valuable pieces of artwork some of which were very unusual. The clients were keen to display as much of them as possible and one of the highlights that we sourced for the client was a genuine Wurlitzer 1955 juke box.