The clients were sure about one thing, they wanted their house to be full of colour and character. This multi-national family wanted to reflect their colourful heritage in the decor of their new family home. It was an ambitious project as it had been empty for more than two years and required significant remedial work before the interiors could start to be refurbished. However, this gave us the opportunity to introduce design details that may have been over looked if the house had been in a much better condition. This included a cinema room in the basement and converting a small bathroom into a steam room.


People react to colour in different ways, some are frightened of using a lot of colour worried about the effect it will have on the feeling of light and space. Others don’t like too much colour preferring to keep to a neutral palette, whilst others embrace it whole heartedly and see it as an important element within their interior. It is probably the first thing that a client will mention at the initial consultation is the colours that they like and dislike. This client was clear that they wanted to use colourful accents throughout the house and with three reception rooms that were linked by archways it was the colour within these spaces that defined them. The client’s young son, who is nearly a teenager, wanted a funky bedroom. We installed a wall mural of the New York skyline that was black and white except for the yellow taxis. This black and white theme was continued throughout the room with other yellow accents.


The clients also had many clear ideas for the style of their home. This included introducing reclaimed elements alongside antiques and modern pieces.They wanted to incorporate different regional influences, giving us the great opportunity to delight and introduce surprise elements throughout the house. They were delighted with the final result and it far exceeded their expectations.