This house, once owned by HG Wells, is located on the Berkshire/Buckinghamshire border. It was built at the end of the 19th century and has been extended many times by a number of previous owners. As a consequence it has a number of different room styles. Some rooms from the original house have fireplaces, pillars and floors from when it was first built, whilst other more recent additions have the proportions of a modern home. It was important to recognize this and give the rooms their character whilst maintaining the feeling of a complete home.


The clients wanted the interior design to both recognise the house’ heritage whilst acknowledging it is a 21st century home. This was a great opportunity to mix the old with the new. For example, the lounge furniture, whilst traditional in style were covered in modern fabrics, the bedrooms had a combination of modern built in furniture with traditional style beds and occasional furniture and the accessories were bold and bright in modern day colours.


In the interior design scheme, we also used colour to define areas and create warmth in the north facing rooms and more neutral colours in the large lounge and kitchen. The lounge and kitchen were south facing and benefited from large sash windows and doors with views on to a beautiful garden. These two living areas are separated by an unusual hall arrangement so they don’t feel as if they are competing. The north facing rooms are for occasional use such as the formal dining room, whilst the south facing rooms are used daily. It is important when planning your interior design scheme to think about how a room is used and at what time during the day as this can influence strongly the desired look.