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Interior Design Inspiration Service


How To Get Proffessional Help Turning Your House Into A Beautiful Home That Fits Your Lifestyle


Are you scratching your head, wondering how you’re going to design your home's interior?


You know it needs to change, and you know what you don’t want, but beyond that you’re lost…


…and you haven’t started yet because you’re scared to make mistakes?


It’s not your fault.


With the enormous choice of interior design products that we have today, trying to select the most suitable can be really difficult.


And you’re right to be cautious. We spend more money on our homes than almost anything else and making the wrong decisions can be very costly.



We Can Help


Our Interior Design Inspiration service is a 1 hour consultation at your property, where Deborah will give you specific actionable advice so that you can create a home you’ll be proud of.


Deborah can make the whole redecorating process much easier by telling you exactly what she would do with your interior.


And she can narrow down the options massively, which will save you hours of shopping and trawling through the Internet.


Imagine how impressed you’re friends and family will be when they see your stunning new home…


…and how fantastic you will feel when you walk through your front door and you’re greeted by your beautiful interior.

You're In Safe Hands


In 2014 our work was officially recognised when we won a United Kingdom Property Award for a private residence in Hampshire.


Deborah Heath, who was the lead interior designer for that award winning project, conducts all our Interior Design Inspiration consultations.


She's also a member of the British Institute of Interior Design, BIID, which is the only recognised association of professional interior designers in the UK.



What We Can Do For You


The Interior Design Inspiration service will:


  • Stop you making mistakes and wasting thousands of pounds ordering products that were never going to work in your property.


  • Give you the confidence to get started with your interior design - With the specific actionable advice that Deborah provides, you’ll know exactly how to take the next step.


  • Help you design a home that’s tailored to you – You’ll be shown how to tailor your home to reflect your tastes and fit with your lifestyle.


  • Save you hours of research and planning – You’ll be given detailed advice, telling you exactly which products you should be looking for and the best places to find them.

Let's Take A Look At A Few Of Our

Previous Projects...


Deborah is an outstanding designer, characterised by exceptional creative flair, extensive knowledge of interior design, a gift for relating to people quickly and discerning their objectives, considerable skills and experience in the business field, and a refreshing sense of humour. Highly recommended for any project that requires skills of an exceptional nature.


Tony Ive

Our previous properties have always been quite traditional but we knew that style wouldn’t suit this apartment and we needed help to pull it all together. We bought the apartment because we fell in love with the magnificent view and we love Spain as a country. This apartment has become a place of peace and tranquility in our busy lives and thanks to Deborah and her teams’ vision and design it is exactly what we wanted.


Judith Bolton

I have always been interested in interior design but didn’t have the confidence to create a complete scheme for our apartment. I love colour, but my partner is not so sure and Deborah was able to show us how to have something interesting without over doing it. Her constant reassurance and creative input has given us exactly what we wanted. She has an excellent team that support her and it was a real pleasure dealing with them all.


Alison Essex

We were delighted with the service from Design by Deborah. We have achieved a look and a feel that we would certainly not have achieved without the professional, efficient and friendly input from the team. The right balance was struck between listening to what we wanted and making inspiring suggestions. The wonderful design ideas were complemented by fantastic practical support and customer service to enable completion of the project.


Jessica De Mounteney

What You'll Get With The Interior

Design Inspiration Service


You’ll get a 1 hour consultation at your property with our award winning lead interior designer, Deborah Heath.


To make sure you get the most out of this service, we have broken it down into 2 parts.


During the first part Deborah will:


  • Ask which rooms you’re looking to redecorate, and within those rooms, which elements are staying and which need to be replaced.


  • Establish the style and overall look you’re wanting to achieve. Feel free to show Deborah any examples you’ve seen in magazines or online.


  • Find out your budget, as this will obviously impact your options.


  • Ask who uses the space and if they have any lifestyle considerations that might affect the final interior design.


During the second part of the consultation Deborah will go, room by room, and:


  • Advise on the layout of the room, recommending the best location for pieces of furniture based on how the room is going to be used.


  • Suggest colour options for various elements including: walls, window dressings, flooring and furniture.


  • Recommend specific types of products. For example: “A low backed navy 3 seater sofa would work really well at this end of the room”.


  • Discuss any ‘wow factor’ elements such as: a statement mirror, creative lighting, bold artwork etc.



…and you’ll get all the above for just one payment of £14.


Yep, Just £14


So for the price of a spare sofa cushion, you can have expert interior design advice, from award winning designer Deborah Heath, at your property.



This Is A Very Limited Time Offer!


Don’t delay, this special offer will only be available until midnight on Friday, 22nd January.


After that we’ll have to put our price back up to Deborah’s usual rate of £140 per hour.


And be sure to move fast as Deborah only has the time to work with the first 20 people that take advantage of this deal.


Once these slots are filled, you’ll miss the opportunity to benefit from Deborah’s extensive expertise at this incredibly low price.

100% Money Back Guarantee


Try It Risk Free: If you’re at all unsatisfied with the Interior Design Inspiration service, for any reason, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you your £14 back.



Yes! I want to save 90% AND get help designing a beautiful home NOW…


Warning we’ll be raising the price back to £140 at midnight, 21st January

IMPORTANT: The Interior Design Implementation service only applies to properties that are within our area of operation which includes: Berkshire, West London, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.


We use Paypal to process this payment, for full payment information please scroll to the bottom of this page.

P.S. The Interior Design Inspiration service, fulfilled by our award winning lead interior designer Deborah Heath, will help you design a beautiful interior that’s tailored to you. But don’t delay, the £14 price will go up this Thursday, 21st January. Try it risk free with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1) Does the consultation have to be during office hours? 


No. If possible, it's easier to arrange a time and date during office hours, however Deborah does meet clients during weekday evenings and Saturday afternoons.


Q2) What if I have no idea what I want?


That’s not a problem. We often work with clients that don’t know what they want.


Q3) Do I need to know my budget?


Not at all. If you can give us an idea of your budget it does help narrow down the options, but it is not necessary.


Q4) Do you offer a complete interior design service?


Yes we do. We offer full interior design and project management services. If you would like to know more about those services, please ask Deborah during your consultation.


Q5) Do you need anything from me before the consultation?


Just your contact information. All we need from you is your email address, phone number and address. Once you’ve purchased the service we’ll email you to arrange a date and time for the consultation. In that email we will ask you for your address and phone number.


If you would like to send us any examples of interiors that you particularly like then this will help focus the consultation.


Q6) Where does this deal apply? 


The Interior Design Inspiration service applies to all properties that are within our area of operation: Berkshire, West London, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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Buy now and:


  • Get expert interior design advice that’s specifically tailored to you and your property.


  • Stop worrying about wasting thousands of pounds by ordering the wrong types of products.


  • Save yourself hours of research and planning.

...all for just £14


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Warning we’ll be raising the price back to £140 at midnight, 21st January

Payment Information: Please note that we use PayPal to process this payment, but you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to make payment.


If you checkout using a debit or credit card you will be asked to provide your email address. Please ensure the email address you provide is correct as we will use it to contact you. If you checkout using your PayPal account we will use the email address associated with your account to contact you.


If you have not received an email within 2 working days of purchasing the Interior Design Inspiration service please contact us:


The Interior Design Inspiration service only applies to properties that are within our area of operation, which includes: Berkshire, West London, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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