The portfolio contains photos of real homes from some of our client’s projects. It is not always possible to photograph our projects so I would like to thank all those that have given us permission to do so.


We have had the pleasure of working with our clients on properties ranging from grade 1 listed buildings to modern penthouse apartments. No two projects are the same just as no two clients are the same. All our designs are bespoke so that the client receives something that is unique. It is important to us that we deliver interiors that delight our clients and the design is always driven by their style and tastes.


There are many reasons why someone seeks the assistance of an interior designer from being time poor, unable to create the desired look or would just rather have someone else be responsible for the process. As in any area of life employing professional experts gives an energy and impetus to a project. In the world of interior design, we can show far more choices by introducing options and designs that would have never been considered or be available to many.


These photographs show the end of a design journey that we have traveled with our clients. The process normally takes months and sometimes years depending on the size and complexity of the project. The challenges that arise are met with objective appraisal never losing sight of the final goal of delivering the client’s dream.


It is always very satisfying to show our clients the before and after photographs. It is easy to forget how a room once looked but once the transformation has been completed there is a great sense of satisfaction and achievement both for the client and the design team that all the hard work has been worth it.