What does Andy Murray & Interior Design have in Common?

More than you think. His nomadic lifestyle probably means that he doesn’t give it much thought, but the hard work in creating success is a common thread. I know a little about his world. I am the proud owner of three GB vests. I ran for Great Britain at the marathon distance in the time ‘bc’, that is before children. There was no lottery funding then so I did it whilst holding down a full time job, not easy, but I wasn’t competing at Andy’s level. However my success wasn’t just down to me. I couldn’t have done it without a supportive team. My coach, John Anderson, was always inspiring, my Physio on hand when I needed him, the girls from my club, encouraging, giving advice and company on all those training nights and my husband who would make my packed lunch whilst I was on my early morning run, would carry my bags at the races, and would understand when I was too tired to be sociable! With any journey there are highs and lows and with sport they can be dramatic, but without exception hard work, perseverance, and belief will see you across the finishing line.

All that knowledge and experience I still call on today. For anyone who is planning on a major interior design project you can be assured that it will be hard work. There will be challenges unforeseen at the planning stage which could affect costs and timescales. Therefore having a good team around you who can help, support, advise and resolve issues is very important. The saying is the whole is worth more than the sum of the parts and that doesn’t only apply to sport.

I wonder if Andy Murray needs an Interior Designer? If you are reading this Andy give me a call!

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