A Deadline can Focus the Mind in Whatever you Want to Achieve

Last weekend I was in a flamenco show in London. Dancing has always been a passion of mine and I started flamenco dancing whilst living in Madrid. Amazingly I was able to continue my classes when we returned home to London. I dance every week at the award winning flamenco dance school called Ilusion Flamenco with the wonderful Angela Alonso as teacher. We perform in a Gala show every two years, practicing hard and taking all of us well out of our comfort zone. Our class was doing two dances, Alegria and Ferruca, however the rest of the class had learnt the first dance in the previous year when I had missed a lot of classes due to a knee problem. I had decided I would just do the second dance in the show but Angela persuaded me that I could do both. I realised that with two weeks to go I didn’t know it well enough to dance it in a show so with a you tube video of the dance loaded onto my iPad I practiced the dance many times each day. I would probably never have learnt that dance if I hadn’t had a show deadline to act as an incentive. Despite a terrible dress rehearsal the show went really well and my teacher was right, I could do it!

A deadline can focus the mind in whatever you want to achieve; there is no doubt. When planning any interior redesign it is best if you set yourself a deadline as long as it is realistic. Otherwise decisions can be postponed when other challenges take priority. That is why it is a good idea to involve a third party like an Interior Designer, as they will not only help you make the important design decisions they will also bring a discipline into the process to ensure that deadlines are met. They can assess how realistic your timescales are, if adjustments need to be made in the scope of your scheme and break down the whole project into phases and tasks to ensure that everyone keeps on track.

A deadline focuses the mind with projects of all kinds; from interior design to a Flamenco show.

Putting on a show involves many people playing their part and all being ready at the same time, the key is the plan and this is how you need to approach any major interior redesign.


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