Why Employ an Interior Designer?

Why employ an Interior Designer when you are very capable of choosing colours and furniture yourself? It is a question I very rarely get asked because either someone is too polite to challenge the basis of my business or they have already decided they need help with the design of their home. But it is an interesting idea that just because you can does that mean that you should?

In today’s busy world we employ a lot of people to do things that we are perfectly capable of doing but would rather not or simply don’t have the time, such as car washing and window cleaning, we even now can have our shopping delivered to us. Society has moved along way from the war years where everyone did things for themselves, in fact someone else may be able to do it a lot better. When you are paying someone to perform a service there is always the expectation that they are professional at what they do and therefore have access to resources not available to you and can do a better job in quicker time allowing you to do the tasks, which you prefer to do.

Interior Designer’s take away the pressure of aimlessly surfing the net, visiting shops and trying to find someone to do the work. They will help you plan the project, introduce products not available on the High St., gather quotes and prices, recommend workmen and even help with the implementation of the design if you wish. Any work inside your home is disruptive, stressful and expensive so it makes sense to call for professional advice for something so important.

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