Wonderful Wallpaper Design

Wonderful wallpaper designs.

Wallpapers have a come a long way since the time of our parents and grandparents when delicate florals and anaglypta covered every wall. I remember our Italian next door neighbours having red flocked wallpaper in a modest semi detached home like ours, which according to my mother was way over the top but I secretly admired it. I loved to touch it, follow the pattern with my eyes and just look at it, something you would never do with a plain inoffensive backdrop. It may well have been too much but it certainly left an impression on me and I can still picture it to this day including the Venetian gondola that lit up on the mantel piece! That really was too much!

We then fell out of love with wallpapers preferring to use colour and paint effects to decorate the walls. However wallpaper has made a comeback but with a difference. Our nervousness about wallpapers meant that we started to reintroduce them only as accent walls unsure about all that pattern. Now as we have embraced the wallpaper again so the manufacturers have created more imaginative designs. This wallpaper, for example, is designed to mimic alligator skin and the impact is amazing. Not only can wallpapers come in a multitude of colour and designs but also textures from skins, fabrics, grasses, to crystals and metals. You can create a mural, a picture frieze or troupe l’oeil effect. They are only limited by your ability to use them in your home. If you have imperfect walls wallpapers are a perfect solution. But if you haven’t don’t dismiss wallpapers as a floral horror you will be pleasantly surprised. You may create something amazing that the little girl next door will always remember!

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