Colour Phobia? Think Pattern Instead

Colour phobia! Think pattern instead. Colour is creeping back into the interior design market after a long time of a neutral colour palette. This is not a surprise as people start to gain confidence in their future prospects they also become braver in what they wear and how they decorate their home. However bright colours aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If you like monochromatic colour schemes or to keep your colour choices very simple how do you make sure your interior design remains interesting?

Pattern is the answer. When the same or limited colours are used there is a great opportunity to go wild with patterns. Not just stripes and checks but large motifs printed and embroidered on fabrics and wallpapers, that when they are combined can create a stunning room. The pattern maybe in the texture such as a cut velvet or occur naturally as with wood and marble. Patterns are created by the way elements are arranged as in the case of wall and floor tiles, placement of objects like books or the arrangement of furniture, pictures on a wall and cushions on a sofa.

Large patterns are fabulous but can look odd in a small area unless you are able to use a single motif as a focal point. Also large pattern repeats can increase the quantity of fabric or wallpaper required and therefore increase the costs, so make sure your curtain maker or upholsterer knows the pattern repeat of your chosen fabric and they can advise you on the quantity needed to complete the project. If you are requesting samples, ask for a returnable sample otherwise you are unlikely to be able to see the whole pattern from just a cutting.

There is a pattern to meet everyone’s taste as the design choices available seem to continually increase. There are patterns with a heritage feel and retro style as well as very modern in design. So there really is a style of pattern to suit any property.

Combining patterns imaginatively can truly create a fabulously unique home.

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