You Said 'How Much?'

You have decided to extend your home, or maybe convert your loft, improve your property or make those long outstanding repairs. You have some building contractors recommended to you and you receive a couple of quotes. But, do you have any idea of how much your work will cost? How are you going to judge what is overpriced, what is good value and what is simply too good to be true?

It is simple… you employ a Chartered Surveyor. It is part of their job to give a value to construction work. They are impartial, professional and have current knowledge of the cost of materials, labour and the building regulations. An initial visit will allow a qualified expert to give you a range of construction costs, any issues which he can forsee and your next steps. You may also consider using them for project manage if your building work is large, complicated and you are not going to be on site. They are often employed as an expert witness in court cases when construction disputes have gone horribly wrong, or as an arbitrator to help reconcile builder and client matters.

We hope you never have the need for their services in the court but it would be a worth while investment to have someone let you know how much you can expect to spend on your building project and then you are making an informed choice.

At Design by Deborah Ltd we always work closely with a team of highly qualified building professionals to ensure that any significant building work meets the highest standards at the right price.

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