Interior Design Award - Work with an Award Winning Team of Designers

This blog is a little self indulgent but it is our first Interior Design Award and we are feeling very proud of ourselves so I hope you will forgive us. We have submitted interior design projects before without success, but this time we won a highly commended interior design for a private residence, South East UK Award. We were able to demonstrate that we had designed a complete interior from the internal structure such as position of radiators and lighting through to fully fitted kitchen and bathrooms. It was a barn conversion in North Hampshire and there are photos of the final design on our web site gallery. It took just over a year from start to finish.

In the submission you had to demonstrate how you presented your ideas to the client, how you met their brief, what design challenges you faced, how you addressed them and explain the unique design features that were introduced. The success of any interior design project is measured by the client’s delight in what has been achieved, recognising their style and tastes, spending their money wisely and creating a home that they never thought possible. These particular clients were retired so they spend a lot of time at home and having down sized they were keen to keep as much of their antique furniture as possible without creating a cluttered look and the design had to remain contemporary. We were especially delighted as most of the other designs that won awards were very contemporary and from large prestigious interior design practices, something we aspire to be in the not too distant future. We are hoping to repeat the success next year with some of the designs that we are working on currently. Just watch this space!

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