Mood Boards, Why Bother?

Mood boards, why bother? Most people don’t bother to create a mood board for their own home, what is the point I hear you cry? They take time and effort which could be more usefully used on doing the decorating rather than thinking about it surely? However, we all know that when something has been carefully planned the chance of making a mistake decreases enormously and creating a mood board is an important part of that planning process.

Mood boards created professionally can be a work of art but as a simple exercise, for you and your family’s eyes only, it just needs to be a collection of samples and pictures together in one place where you can see everything you are proposing to buy. It is easy to gather samples of fabrics, curtains, tiles etc. from the supplier, either online or from their store. You can download pictures of lights, furniture, bathroom ware etc. and add to your collection. I would also recommend including anything that you have that is going to stay by taking a photograph of it. You may also want to include pictures of things that have inspired your design to show the complete design process. This is the only way to really get a feel for how the design will hang together. Do the colours, patterns and textures work well, or is there too much or more commonly, not enough? Are the scale and proportions right? And how does it look in the natural and artificial light in your home? I always recommend living with it for a while and see how you react to it when you first walk in the room. A mood board allows you to test out ideas to be a bit adventurous before committing any expense, you can also seek opinions and gain consensus before starting the project.

The process should be fun and you might surprise yourself about how creative you can be, and at the same time avoid those expensive decorating mistakes.

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