Do You Want Your Home to Look Like a Boutique Hotel?

Have you ever visited a hotel and wished that your home looked like that? Or have you thought that you would rather your hotel felt more like home! For an interior designer they are two very different markets although of course they have a lot in common. Hotels are a business and therefore interior design is an investment and needs to add value in the same way as any other investment is expected to. A poorly designed hotel with shabby rooms cannot charge as much as an elegant and beautifully decorated hotel. The interior design needs to suit its particular type of customer whether that is a businessman, tourist or honeymooning couple for example and needs to be hard wearing, beautiful and safe. It should have a personality that is attractive to the majority and sympathetic to its location but still have that ‘wow’ factor.

Whereas your home is just for you! You don’t need to accommodate any one else’s needs or tastes. Whilst your home needs to be functional it doesn’t have to meet the exacting standards of a hotel and you, therefore, have greater flexibility in your interior design. If hotels can create something so stylish with all their practical constraints, you can achieve the same look and feel in your home. Hotels are a great source of inspiration and if you see one that you particularly like, ask yourself what is it that works so well. Is it the use of colour, lighting, room layout, fabrics, flooring or a combination of all of them? Can you transfer these ideas into your home? I always feel that a straight copy often doesn’t work, but a reinterpretation of a design that also takes into account your style and property’s heritage can look fabulous. After all hotels will have paid a lot for their interior design!

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