Colour is Back

Colour is back. Colour in interior design is back, really back and I am not the only one to have noticed; I have read other people tweeting about it too! I don’t just mean as an accent but as an integral part of a design scheme. A great example of this is the Ambersand Hotel in London that opened this summer.

My blog last week spoke of using hotels as a source of inspiration and if you would like to use colour in your home then the photos on this website will get your creative juices flowing. As with all fashions once the world has had enough of one look then the trend setters introduce something new and fresh, so don’t just stay with the black, grey and taupe, as smart as they are, they can lack the character and punch of a purple, lime green or scarlet red. Of course, you don’t need to go bright and bold, you can stay calm and muted which gives you the opportunity to use a greater number of colours and lots of pattern.

Colour affects mood and state of well-being, for example green is calming and red is stimulating so remember to take into account how you use the space that you are designing before you introduce bold colours. Colour can also look different in certain light both natural and artificial. The quality and tone of natural light will be influenced by the direction the room is facing and, artificial light by the type and positioning of your lights, so always review your choice of colours in the room where you are planning to use it. The colour of the material will also be affected by the surface of the fabric; is it shiny or matt, does it have a texture or pattern, all which have an impact on the impression of the colour.

Colour is a natural part of our lives and bringing it into our home is to be celebrated. There is a colour palette for everyone, just enjoy finding out what is right for you.

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