Decorating Your Own Home is the Most Difficult

Decorating your own home is the most difficult. I am currently redecorating my daughter’s bedroom whilst she is at university. I have been wanting to do it for a while; I would be embarrassed if any of my clients saw it, but I managed to ignore it by keeping the door shut! She is a lovely, beautiful and hard working young woman and I am very proud of all that she does so whilst her school work was a priority I decided not to create anymore stress in her life by turning her room upside down. It is worth remembering that redecorating can be stressful, decisions need to be made, quotes obtained, everything ordered and then there is managing the project. I always advise my clients to avoid any known stressful periods and taking exams is one of them.

So I have created a scheme based on my daughter’s request for a Hollywood style room; she chose the wallpaper and has left the rest to me. Quotes have been gathered, fabrics and furniture ordered and the decorating starts today. Wallpaper is being stripped and the old wardrobes removed before the makeover begins. My husband is horrified about how much it is all costing, despite my professional ability to be clever with my design and keep the costs down. Some things never change and I experience the same challenges as my clients which is why I completely understand all the issues my clients will face.

My daughter is loving university and not giving much thought to her bedroom back home, I just hope she likes it. Once it is finished I will share with you the final result and let you know her opinion. Your family can be the most critical. Fingers crossed!

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