Lady Gaga has been Announced as the face of Versace for 2014

Versace has a very strong image and even if you don’t know any of his specific work you can certainly describe its character. It is glamorous, extravagant, Italian, extrovert and expensive. Colours are bold and bright often with gold accents, where there is pattern; it is ornate with a classical theme often incorporating the company’s logo of a Medusa head. Beautiful fabrics are draped and cut to create fabulous shapes adorned with large accessories such as buckles and belts. Versace is never understated and it takes a certain kind of person who not only loves Versace but looks good in it too. Lady Gaga certainly fits the stereotype and doesn’t she look fabulous

Of course, Versace doesn’t just design clothes they also have an interiors range which like its fashion range is not for the faint-hearted. There is the opportunity to control how extravagant the look can be as you are in charge of building your own design. Whilst you may love the splash of gold on your tiles you may pass at the gold taps! We recently visited Decorium’s showroom in the business design centre in Islington and their bathroom section has been exclusively given over to Versace. They are going to be shortly opening a showroom in Kensington. These are bathrooms to take your breath away. They are truly stunning, they are expensive and look it. They are not to everyone’s taste and certainly wouldn’t suit some types of properties but they are timeless and would add that wow factor to your home. If it is something which you are interested in then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and starting 2014 with some exciting plans.

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