It's a Chance to See Your Home in a Fresh Light

The 6th January is the twelfth and last day of Christmas when the three kings presented gold, frankincense and myrrh to baby Jesus and for some countries the Three Kings day is the day of exchanging gifts rather than Christmas Day. Here it is the day by which all traces of Christmas have disappeared and for a little while the house looks bare and gloomy without the lights and glitz of all the decorations and Spring still feels a long way away.

However, it is a chance to see your home in a fresh light. Look at all those areas that really don’t work, that are looking a little tired or you are just not happy with. It can often be difficult to be objective about your own home as you get used to the way it looks, however with the absence of Christmas decorations a critical eye can highlight the projects that need to be tackled. The best way to do this is to stand in each room with a note pad and just write down all the things that you would ideally replace. This becomes your wish list and is something you can refer to throughout the year when you are deciding if and what should be redecorated next. January is a great time to make plans, contact people who can help you and find out how much it would cost. It isn’t a great month for action as our energy levels are naturally low with the dark nights but there is nothing like putting together some exciting plans to look forward to the coming year with enthusiasm.

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