Dare to be Different

Someone I know was telling me about her visit to a motor bike show with her father. Her father is a motorbike enthusiast and rides for pleasure. She isn’t particularly interested in motorbikes but went to keep her father company. Amongst the crowds during their visit she lost sight of him and whilst trying to see if she could find him she realised how much everyone there looked alike. Was it that motorbikes attract a particular type of person or is it that once you own a motorbike you start to take on the look and style of other motorbikers? Of course there isn’t an answer and probably if you ride a motor bike you will disagree but it is a curious thing that different sports and hobbies seem to attract distinct types of people.

However, in your home you don’t want to just have an interior that looks like all the other houses of a similar shape, age and style. You want something unique that reflects your taste and style as well as match your family’s needs. Whilst the location and age of your property will influence the interior design it is your style that should be the biggest factor in how your home is decorated. There is such an amazing choice in all the elements that go into the home right up to everything being bespoke, that not finding what you want shouldn’t be a problem. If you can’t find it then a good Interior Designer will have access to products not generally available on the high street and may well be able to find it for you. As the sector has become more fragmented with many small suppliers operating in niche markets and the route to market via the web far easier, the choices available are now fantastic. So don’t limit yourself to what you can see, use your imagination and create that unique style that everyone will envy. We can help at Design by Deborah find that special something that will definitely give you the wow factor.

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