Want to Use Spring Colours in Your Home?

Spring colours – I expect you are looking forward to Spring as much as I am. It hasn’t been a cold Winter, indeed as I am writing this the sun is shining and it feels like April outside, but it has certainly been wet! So, I thought I would excite you about the forthcoming Spring season by telling you about the colour trends that you should expect to see in an Interior Design shop near you very soon. There is not THE colour anymore, there are still plenty of pastels and greys that are trending right now but where once brands relied on a certain colour to base their collections on, they are now choosing a particular hue of many colours giving a much larger range of choice in interior design products as different manufacturers favour different colours.

Pink – Pink is still pale although there is peach, blush and bubble gum that is making an appearance. Pinks are often partnered with grey to give a cooler sophisticated look, a long way from the little girl ‘s pink.

Red – There is a hint of red throughout many designs although as a block colour it tends to be as a burgundy, which has been popular in the fashion world recently.

Purple – Purple has been very much a favourite in recent years, working beautifully as an accent with blacks, whites and greys. The chosen shade of purple is becoming brighter and more feminine.

Blue – As with the pinks, blue has been dominated by paler tones as well as teal and petrol. The trend is for deeper blues with greenish or greyish tones to create more drama.

Yellow – Yellow has been absent in any real quantity for a while, but as trends are for bolder colours, so yellow is starting to come back mainly in shades of saffron or mustard.

Black/White/Grey – These colours are still king but they are now being presented in lively patterns such as spots, chevrons and herringbone. Grey is probably the most used colour when it comes to combining colour schemes and there is a shade of grey that will suit any accent colour.

In summary, colours are getting darker and slightly bolder, but of course colour is a personal taste and there never is a right or wrong colour… its success is in how you use it.

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