How to Create the Ultimate Feature Wall

The idea of having a feature wall is not a new one and there are ways you can make sure you create something truly stunning everyone will love.

Which Wall?

Sometimes this is obvious such as in a bedroom where the obvious wall to choose is the one behind the bed. In this case the feature wall then frames the bed. In the bathroom it would normally be where the shower or bath is situated, but in the general living areas it is not always so obvious. The plan is for the feature wall to have impact so you wouldn’t want to choose the wall of the point of entry and the wall needs to be visible from various parts of the room. Ideally it wouldn’t be the smallest wall and if you have an unusually shaped room such as an L shape, then choose the longest wall which can be seen anywhere in the room and in fact ties the two or more areas together.

Choose your Colours Carefully

Before you begin it helps to decide whether or not you are going to decorate the rest of the room as well. The nature of a feature wall means you don’t have to do this and it is an inexpensive and easy way of jazzing up a room without re-decorating completely. If your feature wall is going to be purely a different colour then it needs to be bold enough to stand out without jarring with everything else in the room. Most people aren’t brave enough with colour, however with sample pots it is so easy to try something daring and if it doesn’t work then simply cover it up. Think carefully about what is going to be in front of it, a sofa, dining table, console table etc. will all contribute to the overall impact of the feature wall.

How About Wallpaper?

Wallpapers have become very fashionable and they are perfect for a feature wall. Wallpapers allow you not only to use colour but pattern as well to make a real statement. Wallpapers are unforgiving on poorly prepared walls, or any errors in the hanging so if you are not confident in your skills recruit expert help.

What Else Can be Used as a Feature?

A stunning feature wall does not simply have to be created with wallpaper or paint. You can add other features to it as well. A large mirror or picture can look fabulous, they need to be as bold or as muted as the rest of your interior design. You may also group a number of pictures together, which can have the same impact as one large picture if they are displayed close together. There are many new surface designs that create a 3D pattern in a large range of materials and designs. Your chosen wall may already have a feature, like a fireplace so think about how to frame it with colour and/or pattern. Think also about how you are going to light your feature wall; it would be a shame to make all that effort in creating it and for it to be badly lit.

Feature walls help anchor and define a space, which with open plan living is important. A room without a focal point gives a room an unfinished look and there is no natural place for the eye to be drawn to, something we all look for in any defined space. A feature wall makes a perfect focal point in any interior.

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