Transforming a House into a Home

When work is going well, life’s orderly mechanics can get left by the way side. For some it’s keeping in touch with family and friends. For others it’s keeping up good cooking habits. But for a few (the really busy people amongst us) they may find that not enough time remains in our busy schedules to design their home. Transforming a house into the space you dream of is no mean feat. You may not be aware of how a truly well designed living environment makes you feel until you find yourself walking into a home beautiful enough to shake your foundations.

A home is made of layers. A charming home is full of character, the result of simple touches such as discovered objects, lampshades, miscellaneous mantelpiece artefacts, that oddly perfect array of pretty photographs and colourful aged rugs. Each room should of course be functional but the feel and style of the room should reflect exactly who you are; a home is a living diary and self-portrait of the beings beneath its beams.

Layering is a great exercise. A collection of books layered vertically like a timeline of that persons reading habits. Look at the library and each book has a meaning, a memory, a time during which it was special. Not one person I’ve met purchases a library and on that same day a vast collection of books to fill it with. So keep in mind you begin with what you have, then add to your homes collection over time. A statement sofa may come one day and a piece of art the next. A cushion covered with fabric from your holiday in Greece or a painted hallway the aubergine hue of your favourite dress… purchased giant frames from the antique bric-a-brac shop in Devon on that wet and windy day you took shelter from the rain.

Layer objects, paints, textiles, attach a finely detailed doorknob on a white modern door. With every year you’ll find your home evolves. You will find you have a home that is sophisticated, not replicated from torn out pages of a magazine but familiar to and loved by you and in which the art, furnishings, and colours sing of your memories.

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