Easter Interior Design Inspiration

If someone were to ask me what Easter meant to me as a child (growing up in rural Derbyshire) I would have to say fond memories of colourful Easter eggs lined up like soldiers in their sentry boxes along our old oak sideboard. Now I think of soft pastel creams and greens and warm sunshine. With the heavy downpours and cold winds hopefully behind us, we can start to look ahead to brighter and fresher weather outside which will inspire us to rejuvenate the inside of our homes inside!

Choose a room in your home, maybe the dining room for example. Sit down in the centre of the room and take a 360 degree slow look around. Does it all look a bit drab, a bit tired and in need of a restyle or an injection of colour? Are the existing colours too dark or dull? Is the lighting poor? Has the worn out rug seen better days?

To grasp a bit of inspiration of your very own, choose one or two items from your favourite possessions that you really love or which make you smile. In my case my love of Art Deco pottery is the focal point in my dining room and I have four 1930s pastel wall pockets on the chimney breast, an old oak clock on the mantelpiece framed by 2 small Art Deco similar colour vases, a healthy trailing tradescantia house plant in sight of the window for natural soft sunlight completes the look.

So, with your key items in mind, start researching on the internet and in magazines for example and begin to collect all those items that you would love to see in your room and that would work well with your key possessions. Consider colour schemes that compliment or contrast, keeping in mind that neutrals are calming and soothing without distracting and that stronger, brighter shades make a bolder statement. Order wallpaper and fabric samples, most suppliers offer samples for free or for a tiny cost so it’s well worth organising. There’s a huge display of remarkable and stylish wallpapers available that will doubtless liven up that drab wall. Add a few grape hyacinths or anemones in little vases, and you have a fresh new tranquil living space which will be a delight for entertaining, dining or just sitting and relaxing while the Spring turns into Summer.

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