Modern Rugs - The Must-Have Interior Design Trend Accessory

Modern Rugs – The Must-have Interior Design Trend Accessory – Trends come and go, some at a remarkable pace but others linger for longer, a sign they are loved, wanted and practical. 2014 looks set to usher in a whole new set of interior design trends, all of which are enhanced or complete with the addition of a rug.

What colours and schemes are we looking at this year? What delights are set to fill our homes and uplift us from the grey clouds and rain of winter, into the lightness of spring and the warmth of summer.

Spring – the time for new things to emerge and established things to flourish once again.

We often think of spring as the time for new things, it is also the time for well-established articles to have a new lease of life. But don’t always assume that items such as modern rugs need to be new, hot off the loom or the factory floor. Taking time to have quality rugs repaired and cleaned is a great way of adding to a spring clean or makeover.

Many people see rugs as a way of adding much needed colour to brighten dull days and revitalise interior décor and it is a great way to do this. But what colours are making a comeback in interior design schemes in 2014? It may be a surprise to learn that a delightful sugar or baby pink is making a surprise re-emergence as a favoured colour for modern rugs. Pale pinks are soft, yet versatile rugs to add to colour schemes, a natural partner to understated greys and soft white colour schemes.

If you are looking for THE hot colour combination, the word in interior design circles is that pink and yellow combination will be the partnerships for summer 2014. Not the hot pink and brash yellow of previous seasons, but softer shades, pastel almost. There are glorious combinations for all design schemes and we have them so please do visit us at The Rug Retailer.

Modern colour combinations not your ‘thing’? Opt for the tried and tested monochrome but take a quick peak at the latest combinations.

Black and white is a traditional combination of colour, the clean crisp white offset by the moody darkness of black but keep it fresh, with the addition of a third colour. Piping and edging in a contrasting colour is a great way of bringing in the changes; take a look at monochrome rugs with dusky pink edging, or delightful stair runner rugs. Great patterns are available in monochrome designs too such as brilliant modern circles.

The Midas touch is still with us. It is here to stay and people are loving it in their homes; perfect for any interior design scheme, choosing rugs with a metallic thread, subtle yet amazingly effective. Team it with peachy-pinks and you have the most up-to-date look currently available.

What about patterns?

Shopping for rugs is a minefield for the uninitiated and with hundreds, if not thousands of patterns to choose from, keeping in with current trends can be difficult, so what do you opt for?

Dotty patterns are the interior design must-have for 2014, hence there are many rugs sporting this pattern in a variety of colours and schemes. Not only this, the layering of textures is a must too, from bare floorboards and rugs, to great wool rugs, virtually edge to edge carpeting. And the combination of the old and the new is also still a welcome scheme for many.

But with eco-friendliness a factor here to stay, taking time to look beyond the ready-made in high street stores to seek out master craftsmanship is on the agenda too. Quality pieces, either bespoke made or upcycled from local furniture reclaim, modern rugs in great colours is the look of the 2014 season. In other words, mix and match the ‘rough with the smooth’! Soften the rough textures, with sumptuous rugs, in the in colours of the season and you can revitalise any room.

An the days of minimalist interior design decors being perfect are also gone, replace with an understanding that some objects are imperfect… not all wooden floors will have the uniformity of laminate flooring, a welcome return to an almost rustic feeling, textures and look.

In summary

With rugs being a central flooring element in many homes and settings, it is worth taking a moment to understand the key elements and use of rugs this year. Adding warmth, defining areas and muffling the noise of walking on a hard floor, your rugs this seasons should be…

  • Matching your interior with your lifestyle is easy; take a peek at some hints and tips here

  • Colour; dark and rich colours with a splash of luxurious gold are definitely the surprise addition to many homes this year; teamed with brass as opposed to silver accessories many homeowners are using this colour scheme to revitalise their homes

  • Monochrome rugs are also hot favourite but with the addition of a third, muted, or pastel colour, usually on the edging

  • Pinks, especially softer, paler shades are a clear winner but really ring the changes with a combination of muted pinks and understated yellows

  • Patterns are hot too!

  • Dotty rugs and circles, especially in the monochrome colour scheme are 2014s must have patterned rug

  • Zebra stripes, not just is monochrome, are still hot patterns from previous seasons, including vines and

  • Texture: glorious ‘shaggy’ rugs are making a comeback, especially placed on rustic, rough hard floors. These rugs have an even deeper pile for a real sense of luxury.

  • Hand crafted rugs are back on the agenda, using not only traditional colours and patterns, but also traditional craftsmanship to create something unique.

Rugs are a small addition but a worthwhile investment to really snap a room or interior design out of winter and into the warmth of spring and summer. What will you choose? How will you revitalise your space and home in 2014? The Rug Retailer has been writing about interior design for over 15 years, visit our site for more information on the world of rugs.

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