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Have you ever thought about the style of your doors? Have you ever considered changing them as part of your home refurbishment project? You may well have changed your front door and considered the style, colour and shape but have you given the same amount of thought to your internal doors?

It is very easy just to accept what you have without considering how they impact your interior design scheme. In certain areas in the house such as the hallway they may well be the design element that creates interest or indeed the focal point. I have been working with a client who wants to change all the doors and we have created a number of exciting designs. We have spent sometime researching all the different styles that are available and thinking carefully about the how the doors should fit within their interior design scheme.

Whilst we have created our own design for commissioned doors there are a wide range of colour and styles to choose from. Doors do not only have to be in wood or glass or a combination of the two. They can be decorated with many different materials such as leather, suede, metal or mirror strips, metal grilles, marquetry or stained glass. You can have contrasting panels or just a simple accent stripe. Reclaimed doors have a unique patina and quality that can really add style. The furniture on the door can also have an impact, especially if the door is a plain design; consider an unusual handle, there are some great products available. Visible hinges, locks and latches can all add charm and of course can help with the authenticity of a period home. Doors in the past were heavily decorated as a mark of wealth; here the visitor paused and was reminded that they were leaving one space to enter into another important place, whether it was a church, mosque or temple, a stately home, castle or manor house.

They gave privacy and security, contained noise and room temperature and lead you through different rooms in a predetermined order planned by the architect or designer. The doors were decorated with biblical scenes, coats of arms and symbols of the owner’s status, often oversized and heavy, they would impress any visitor. So don’t overlook your doors, changing them may be the very thing that your home needs.

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