Planning is Key if you have a Deadline for your Interior Design

Planning is key if you have a deadline – Some of the blogs I write are as a direct response to our clients experiences and this is one of them – the importance of forward planning. Most of our clients expect to have completed their interior design scheme within two months of appointing us as their interior designer and our experience is that the average project length is six months. Of course it depends on how much you need doing but if you are wanting good quality tradespeople to do the work then they are not generally available immediately unless you are lucky enough to take a cancellation spot.

This is even more noticeable now that the economy is starting to grow again. We have a number of excellent suppliers of materials and labour who we regularly use and once we have been appointed as Interior Designers we will contact our professional tradespeople to reserve time in their schedule before we have even created the interior design scheme. Also you want to have everyone planned to a timetable as many of the trades are dependent on each other, so the electrician needs to be there before the painter and decorator and the carpet fitter afterwards and you probably don’t want any furniture arriving until all the workmen have left.

Then there are the materials. One of the ways in which many companies have cut their costs is by carrying less stock, indeed some of the more niche companies will only make to order so you need to understand the lead times of anything you would like to purchase as you may have to change your mind if it doesn’t meet your deadline.

Last but not least is the time it takes to research, gather samples and prices, pull the scheme together and obtain everyone’s approval. This is often takes longer than expected and to ensure that you don’t lose momentum the best thing is to give yourself a deadline. Create a deadline for the first proposed interior design scheme, then give everyone another deadline for their feedback and agree when the final scheme will be discussed. This then focuses everyone’s mind.

It is not often that you hear of a property renovation finishing before the deadline and whilst that is often because the project ends up being a lot more complex that first thought it is all the result of unrealistic expectations. So, give yourself plenty of contingency time wise and you will have a much better chance of meeting your deadline, and by the way… it is nearly six months until Christmas!

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