The World Cup, Do You Love It or Hate It?

Interior Design Features – World Cup, do you love it or hate it? It is that time of year when there is always a major sport competition that dominates the television and news. I love sport and although I am not a great football fan, when it comes to an international competition I find myself drawn to the drama. There are always heroes and villains, teams and players who perform beyond expectation and those who fall well short. For someone, this tournament will change their life and we will hear names we haven’t previously been aware off. All human emotion will be on display from ecstasy to sorrow all played out on a football field. Love it or hate it, you certainly can’t avoid it.

There are certain interior design features that people either love or hate. These can range from swags and tails, crystal chandeliers and chintz with frills, to polished concrete, mirrored surfaces and distressed wooden floors. Sometimes our preferences are influenced by current trends and fashions but usually it reflects our personality and style. I have a friend who loves swags and tails and would love for it to be back in fashion so that she can have them once again in her home. Of course, I believe that if you really love something then you should go for it, after all it is your home for you to enjoy and there are always ways in reinterpreting styles with a modern twist.

There is also the character and style of the property that will influence the interior style, for example a large damask patterned wallpaper would not look right in a low ceiling beamed cottage, however would look fantastic in a Georgian style home with high ceilings and large windows irrespective of whether it is fashionable or not. I always encourage my clients to go for what ever they would really love to have, ignoring fashion and trends, and then creating a modern scheme that would incorporate their ideas and style that doesn’t look out of place in a home of today. Love them or hate them, for sure swags and tails will return and I know someone who will be very happy.

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