Gold in the Bathroom, Passé or Ahead of the Times?

Gold in the bathroom, passé or ahead of the times? The trend for gold and bronze has lately been seen in the more upmarket bathroom stores, sometimes in subtle ways and other times bright and expensive not trying to be anything other than ostentatious. As with all trends one comes to an end as with the functional and industrial look keeping everything to a minimum, ‘less is more’, whilst the next one begins, heralding a softer warmer look and creating a more spa like experience where we want to linger.

The simplistic look of curtain less windows, hard floors and muted colour palettes favoured the chrome accessories. This look is easy to achieve, relatively less expensive and as such has been fashionable for a long time. The move away from stripped back interiors to a more warm and inviting environment has been championed by the hotel industry. This gives a greater opportunity to inject personality and luxury, something we expect from our stay in a hotel.

The monochrome look once favoured has given way to more colour and pattern. The sumptuous interiors of the hotels in the Middle East have been re-interpreted throughout the world and here it has led to the introduction of gold into the bathroom, however in a much subtler way. We like our bling to be more elegant and understated, as a secondary colour it adds glamour and richness and it’s yellow tones enhance other colours with a warm glow.

Gold and bronzes work beautifully with a brown palette an increasingly popular choice for bathroom designers. Whilst I don’t think we will go back to the fussy and cluttered bathrooms of yesteryear, gold used as an extension of the colour spectrum doesn’t have to dominate instead used properly can be a truly beautiful addition to your bathroom design scheme.

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