Interior Designer Or Psychotherapist?

The relationship between client and designer is based on trust and communication from the outset. The designer needs to understand the personality and lifestyle of the client otherwise it is impossible to fully realise their vision. Not only do they have to listen to what the client requires, but to also have intuitive understanding of what design elements will allow them to be truly comfortable in their home. It should always be team work and with any good team, the whole is more than the sum of the parts. For an interior design this happens when a sense of feeling has been achieved by mixing all the different design elements successfully.

Homes offer an insight into people’s beliefs, personalities, status, insecurities and pleasures. Anything from outrageously ostentatious projects, to a clean industrial minimalist look can tell you more about the person who lives there than anything else. I have heard one interior designer liken it to, having a great facelift by a brilliant plastic surgeon that goes beyond your expectations.

Discretion is another important part of the relationship and the degree of intimacy that is built, very much depends on the client. For many people re-designing their house is the biggest expense of that decade and for others it is something they do on a regular basis. Understanding all these factors is a major element in creating a truly excellent much-loved home.

What does your home say about you? Is it time it needed some therapeutic help! Take a look at our gallery for some design inspiration.

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