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Anyone who regularly reads my blogs will know that I am a keen sportswoman and always follow any international sports competitions with interest. The Commonwealth Games have just finished and what a triumph. The competition was thrilling, the results spectacular and many of our athletes exceeded what was expected of them. For every athlete that achieved a Personal Best I congratulate you whether you won a medal or not. Achieving a Personal Best is every sports persons goal, it doesn’t matter at what level you compete, continual improvement is what you hope for and in sport that is a measurable target.

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It is not so easy to measure in general life. We would all like to be the very best at what we do but so often it is subjective and how do you measure it anyway. Is it how senior you are in an organisation, how much you earn, how much you contribute to society or how many friends you have? Thankfully there isn’t one answer and therefore there isn’t only one gold medal. We can all aim for our personal best in whatever area of life we want to concentrate on. It takes focus, hard work, training, and a great attitude, no different to the successful athletes we have just watched. However there are times when the success we crave cannot be achieved on our own. Sometimes we need help, whether that is from friends and family, a mentor or specific professional help. When you have set your goals you need to be realistic about how you are going to achieve them. For some you may want to do them on your own, for others you need help. All the best athletes have a trainer at the very least and many successful business men have mentors. And that is what we provide at Design by Deborah Ltd. We aim to mentor you through the interior design process and help you achieve the very best design scheme for your home. We are a team of experienced fully qualified interior designers, we have done the training so you don’t have to!

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