Window Dressing On a Budget

Window Dressing on a Budget? There are always clever ways in which to dress a window without spending a fortune. The cost is often in the fabric chosen. Whilst we would all love to have beautiful fabrics adorn our windows, sometimes it just costs too much. So how can you keep the costs down without compromising on style? The first way is to use blinds wherever possible; the cost of making and the quantity of fabric needed is considerably less and you may feel able to justify the expense of that fabric you have fallen in love with if you only need a few metres. There are many styles of blinds that can dress a window elegantly. Plain fabrics can be made more interesting with borders, just at the bottom or down both sides as well. The borders can even be of two different colours which can co-ordinate with the colours in the room. If you choose a double border, make sure that they are not of the same width. It looks better if the inner border is narrower than the outer border. Blinds outside the window recess gives a softer look than inside the recess and can allow for maximum light. However, space available can limit your options.

If your heart is set on curtains then there are still ways in which you can minimise costs. The choice of heading affects the fullness of the curtains and therefore the quantity of fabric. Triple pleats will use more fabric than eyelets and spacing of the hooks also affects the quantity, so it is worth talking to your curtain maker about the options. However, if your fabric has a vertical pattern that may dictate the spacings so as not to lose the pattern when they are open. Patterned fabrics can have a hidden cost in the pattern repeat, especially if it is significant. You will always need more patterned fabric than plain, they tend to be more expensive as they take more work to produce and embroidered patterns are always more expensive than printed patterns. Of course, in the same way as you can have borders on blinds you can have borders on curtains. This can be an excellent way to add that expensive fabric without breaking the bank.

Another way is to have a beautiful fabric on the pelmet with coordinating tie backs whilst keeping the curtains plain. This is often used in show homes as a way of keeping the property developers costs down. Curtains tend to be drawn at night time so think about how they are lit to create interest, a spotlight on each pair of curtains looks stunning and throws shadows which can make any plain fabric look exciting.

One area I would never compromise on is how they are made. It is better to compromise on the quality of fabric than the quality of the making. Curtains should be handmade and made to measure. Inexpensive fabrics look much better when they are interlined. If you decide to use a curtain heading tape, then I would recommend hiding the top of the curtains behind a pelmet, as they never look as good as handmade headings. Curtain makers are the experts so if you have a limited budget then ask them for ideas on how best to achieve ‘the look’ without huge expense. Try not to follow the current trends too faithfully so that your curtains don’t date and you can enjoy them for years to come.

Feel free to get in touch, we would love to hear from you and help you with your curtain dilemmas.

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