Colourful Christmas Schemes

Christmas is a time when our decorating inhibitions should be left outside on the doorstep. As outside becomes dark and bleak we brighten up our world inside. Lights, glitz and glamour should be a part of any Christmas decoration but how do you make sure the final result is both tasteful and blends well with your existing décor?

The start point is the colour scheme. If your home has predominantly cool colours, such as whites, blues and purples then I would advice keeping the colour of the Christmas decorations to the same colour palette, adding silvers, pale and metallic greys. Keep the choice of main colours to no more than three and add variety with the shape and form of the decoration. If your home has warm colour tones such as yellows, browns, and reds then the traditional Christmas colours of green, gold and reds will look fabulous.

The style of Christmas decoration should also reflect the character of your home. A traditional home is best dressed in a traditional way, very much as the Victorians would have done, but if you have a very modern home you may wish to use very modern colours, lime green, orange, shocking pink or bronzes with white and ivory to create a very unique take on the Christmas theme.

There are other ways of bringing in some Christmas colour than just on the tree. Consider buying some coloured glasses for the table, brightly coloured under plates and napkins. Candles are a must and they also come in many different colours as well as shapes and sizes. They always look fabulous grouped together. Think about placing them on a mirrored glass to add to the dramatic affect. Ribbon can decorate anything from the back of chairs, banisters, holding up cards or around guest towels on a bed. Tie in a sprig of greenery such as holly or a flower for a very beautiful effect. Attention to detail, such as this, can only impress the guests.

Potted plants and flowers can also add colour, they often look best as a large bunch of one type of flower, as at this time of year trying to have a variety of different colours can be difficult and expensive. You can wrap vases in tissue paper, scrunching it and holding it place with ribbon or add scrunches of tissue paper to the bouquet, tucked between the greenery. This can make a sparse bunch of flowers look wonderful. You could also have some small vases with only a few or a solitary flower, all lined up down the middle of the table for a less formal flower arrangement. Crackers, wrapped empty boxes, hurricane vases full of baubles all add to the Christmas atmosphere.

Think about adding something fun and quirky to your Christmas decorations. If you have young children they may well be happy to help you make something different. Visit some of the many Christmas fairs that have become so popular and see what you can find. It is important not to take decorating at Christmas too seriously. It should be great fun and after all your guests have come to visit you not your home and within a few weeks it will all have disappeared for another year.

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