Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Kitchen

Using Your Island

Islands can be effective in your kitchen but they might require some additional lighting. Try to focus on one area of your kitchen to accent with lighting. You don’t have to hang every light from the ceiling.

If you own an island in your kitchen, placing some lights above this piece will often be your best move. Your island should be placed near your sink or stove. This way, you will have some lighting for the entire area instead of just under your island. The type of lighting you ultimately choose will have an effect on how well it blends in with the rest of your kitchen. In the photo below, you see a chandelier that has dual lamp shades on it. The lighting is a soft, warm yellow color. This lighting blends in perfectly with this kitchen because of all the ivory colors. If your kitchen cabinets were a bright white, and you had another bright color featured in the area, you might want to choose a cooler type of lighting.

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When you want to show off a particular section of your kitchen, you will want to use something called focal point lighting. This type of lighting plan features accent lighting that is usually placed above the stove or kitchen sink. If you’ve ever visited a museum that has artwork, you might have noticed the bright lighting on the paintings. This is very similar to what you are trying to do in your kitchen here. In the following photograph, you can see this designer put a row of five lights above the eating table. This is their main structure in the kitchen, so it needs to be lighted differently than everywhere else. You can see the three smaller lights integrated into the ceiling. This provides the area with plenty of lighting, but it doesn’t take away from the main centerpiece.

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Many people enjoy the idea of recessed lighting for their kitchen. This design idea is extremely popular because recessed lights take up less space. The best part about this style of lighting is that it keeps your options extremely flexible. You will want to have a lot of lighting near your stove for safety and health reasons. If you place a few recessed lights into the ceiling above this area, you can also add some extra lights near the stove. Now, you have double the lighting, but more space to cook. In the following photo, the designer used a recessed lighting style. They put their extra lighting above the eating area though.

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Most people like to use a rule for the distance between an island and the base of a lighting fixture. The base of the lights should be approximately 40 inches, give or take a few inches, above an island or table. Try to install a dimmer if you would like to adjust the brightness of your lights.

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