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How do you make your room special? Will it be the overall feeling, a beautiful design, quirky shapes and colours, a ‘wow’ focal point? Where would you expect that to be in your room? Would it be on the walls, in the curtains, or on the furniture, how about on the floor? What you put on the floor is just as important as any other surface, it has impact, can define space, introduce colour and pattern in a way you can’t on any other surfaces. It also helps balance a room and if you are looking for something bold and eccentric or quiet and modest then your choice of flooring needs to be part of that design.

This room demonstrates that when a room is dark, trying to create light with light coloured walls isn’t always the best option. Sometimes it is better to embrace the lack of light and create an intimate feeling with dark colours, but introduce contrast in different ways. Here it is the bed linen and rug, which lifts and reflects light. And it is the rug that introduces colour, striking pattern and a relief to the otherwise more serious décor. The design is almost a Miro in design, which works well in this apartment in Madrid.

Rug Retailer has an extensive range of rugs in both price and style. They are of excellent quality we have bought a wide selection of rugs from children’s rooms to lounges and bedrooms an example of which you see here. The web site is easy to navigate, quality of the pictures good, information clear and simple to understand and the ordering process is easy. We would recommend it for quality at a good price.

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