How to Add a Touch of Industrial Style to Your Interior Design

Designing your home in industrial style is a significant commitment. It’s a bold look that exposes raw materials, embraces unfinished elements of décor, and finds beauty in juxtapositions. It’s no wonder that this design style is increasingly popular around the world. It’s a liberating interior aesthetic that doesn’t hide flaws, but celebrates them. While a perfect fit for lofts and commercial spaces, remodelling your home in this style can be tricky and expensive. However, no one said that your interior has to conform to a single style! In fact, mixing and matching two or more styles is a fantastic way to personalise and elevate an interior. We have prepared a few tips that allow you to add the flair of industrial style to your space without having to undergo major renovations. Check them out.

Create a statement faux brick wall

Along with metal and wood, brick is one of the main materials of industrial style. However, building an entire brick wall can be a hassle. Luckily, you have a number of simpler options that will allow you to create the illusion of a brick wall. For example, you can purchase faux brick panelling at a home improvement store. Installing the panels is not very complicated and you can turn it into a weekend project. Brick veneer is another great option, though it requires more patience and diligence. And, if you want to achieve a brick wall effect in a matter of hours, there are always 3D stickers.

Image: Unsplash

Add metal light fixtures

Industrial lighting does not try to hide light bulbs in intricately designed chandeliers, but rather uses them as an essential element. Lighting fixtures are typically about straight lines, transparent glass shapes, and metal structures. This makes them both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Adding lighting fixtures in this style will give your home an edgy feel, making it look more dynamic and sophisticated. You can either purchase fixtures in this style or make them yourself. Here’s a DIY tutorial to get you inspired.

Image: Unsplash

Purchase a couple of furniture pieces in industrial style

The raw, unfinished look of industrial style can be beautifully balanced out by soft elegant elements. Don’t be afraid to purchase a few furniture items – a coffee table, book shelves, or a chair – in this style. You can make them seamlessly fit in your existing décor by accessorising them in a unifying manner. For example, if you purchase an industrial sofa, add throw pillows or blankets that match your curtains. Soften the look of an industrial bookcase with plants and picture frames. Add a plush area rug under an industrial coffee table or desk. Retailers like Wayfair, Vincent and Barn, and Smithers of Stamford have exquisite pieces made out of reclaimed wood. If you want to go a more affordable route, there’s always IKEA.

Source: Wayfair

Incorporate wood and metal into your space

What makes industrial style so spectacular is its blend of warm and cold materials. Wood is traditionally perceived as a warm material. Be it hardwood floors, a wooden dining table, or wooden benches, they create a cosy, warm atmosphere in a home. Metal, on the other hand, is a cold material, which is typically concealed and used for purely functional purposes. Embrace this unique characteristic of industrial style by adding contrast to your space through a blend of cold and warm materials. For example, add a set of metal chairs to your dining table or place a metal-framed mirror above a wooden chest of drawers.

Source: Wayfair

Decorate your walls with industrial artwork

Wall décor in an industrial space is often exaggerated and rough. It takes the street style of graffiti and transforms it into bold statements of interior design. While actually painting graffiti on your walls may be extreme, adding a large framed print or canvas will add an element of surprise to your overall décor. The best part is that you have endless options: typography plaques, abstract paintings, vintage signs, graphic prints, etc. For example, check out this gorgeous Bansky Girl with Balloon graffiti art piece from Wayfair.

Source: Wayfair

Industrial decor is highly adaptable. You don’t need the traditional high ceilings with exposed pipes or an open floor plan to incorporate it into the style of your home. By strategically placing industrial accents in your existing space, you can achieve dazzling results.

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