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A Quick Guide to Lighting Design

April 13, 2018

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6 Ways To Incorporate Your Children’s Art Into Your Home Décor

February 22, 2019

Having children usually means an endless supply of art work. Between colourful indecipherable scribbles, stick figures, birthday cards, family portraits, and a million other art projects, you probably have a drawer, if not a few boxes, filled with your children’s art work. And, while you want to treasure these precious pieces of memory and display them proudly for all to see, it can be a challenge to fit them into your home’s décor. That’s why we thought we’d give you a few ideas that would allow you to incorporate your children’s art into your overall interior design in an elegant and fun way.


1. Frame it


Instead of sticking yet another painting on your refrigerator, frame your kid’s drawings. It adds organisation and purpose to the décor. Plus, it’s an easy way to colour-coordinate the drawings with the rest of your interior design. You can either select a larger drawing and turn it into an accent piece or create a picture wall. For added sophistication, mix and match the drawings with family photos, inspirational sayings, and professionally created prints. The best part is that you can swap out the drawings based on a season, a holiday, or other events and milestones.


 Image: Unsplash 

2. Create a unified display