6 Ways To Incorporate Your Children’s Art Into Your Home Décor

Having children usually means an endless supply of art work. Between colourful indecipherable scribbles, stick figures, birthday cards, family portraits, and a million other art projects, you probably have a drawer, if not a few boxes, filled with your children’s art work. And, while you want to treasure these precious pieces of memory and display them proudly for all to see, it can be a challenge to fit them into your home’s décor. That’s why we thought we’d give you a few ideas that would allow you to incorporate your children’s art into your overall interior design in an elegant and fun way.

1. Frame it

Instead of sticking yet another painting on your refrigerator, frame your kid’s drawings. It adds organisation and purpose to the décor. Plus, it’s an easy way to colour-coordinate the drawings with the rest of your interior design. You can either select a larger drawing and turn it into an accent piece or create a picture wall. For added sophistication, mix and match the drawings with family photos, inspirational sayings, and professionally created prints. The best part is that you can swap out the drawings based on a season, a holiday, or other events and milestones.

Image: Unsplash

2. Create a unified display

Instead of trying to sneak in a piece of your kid’s art here and there, hoping it will blend in with the rest of the design, exhibit them all at once. Dedicate an entire bookshelf or a picture ledge to your kid’s clay sculptures, drawings, macaroni jewellery, and other arts and crafts projects. Coordinate them based on their size, theme, and/or colour. Picture ledges are affordable, can be purchased in most furniture stores, and are easy to customise in terms of size and colour. However, if you’d like to DIY the entire thing, here’s a great tutorial. This article is also great for idea on how to decorate your walls on a budget.

3. Transfer art onto a fabric

Children’s art tends to be colourful and full of energy, making it an excellent way to add a cheerful vibe to you home interior. Pick out your favourite drawings and transfer them onto a fabric, creating unique designs and patterns. It can then be used for pillow covers, throw blankets, curtains in your kid’s room, kitchen towels, placemats, or area rugs. Matching them with textiles in solid colours will instantly elevate your space and effortlessly integrate the colourful drawings into the overall design. For more tips on adding a pop of colour to your interior, check out this article.

Image: Pexels

4. Create a one-of-a-kind coffee-table book

Instead of organising your kid’s drawings in binders or keeping them in drawers and boxes, create a delightful coffee-table book that your guests will absolutely adore. You can either turn it into a family DIY project and create a scrapbook or use one of the many digital solutions to compile the drawings into a stunning book with personalised notes. In fact, you can create an entire library of books, adding one for every year of your child’s life.

Image: Pinterest

5. Organise the drawings in a collage

This DIY project is a perfect way to display numerous pieces of your kid’s art in a stylish manner. Take high-quality pictures of the drawings with your phone, edit their sizes, print them out, and insert them in a collage frame. You can buy them from IKEA for as little as £12. Check out the Simple As That blog for detailed instructions on how to create a stunning collage.

6. Incorporate your kid’s art into the design of your coffee table

Create a DIY epoxy resin table top that displays your favourite drawings. Epoxy resin is like liquid glass, which can be applied on various surfaces to make them smooth and shiny. While this DIY project is often times used to display photos, it will look just as stunning with your kid’s art. However, this is a much bigger commitment than placing drawings in picture frames as you won’t be able to swap out the images, so make sure to select the items you want to dress up your coffee table with thoughtfully.

Children grow up fast. Every parent will attest to that. We create memorabilia boxes, collecting all sorts of stuff - their art, photos, onesies, and trophies – all in an attempt to capture precious moments that we know pass by in a blink of an eye. Adding your children’s art to the interior design of your home makes it that much more personal and cosy, adding a splash of that pure energy of a child to the surroundings.

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