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A Quick Guide to Lighting Design

April 13, 2018

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8 Secrets of Interior Design You Should Know

March 19, 2019

Interior design is creativity mixed with science. While experimenting with colours, textures, arrangements, and shapes is fun, the reason the final result is so stunning when done by a professional interior designer is years of studying and practice. An interior designer’s eye is highly trained to visualise proportions, balance, colour compositions, and the overall flow of a space. That’s why, even if you spend tens of thousands of pounds on expensive furniture, fabrics, and wallpaper, you may end up underwhelmed by the outcome. So, while we always encourage our readers to be bold and brave with their interior design, today we will share a few rules that you should try to follow in order to maximise your chances of a Pinterest-perfect interior.  


1. An area rug should be big enough to unify a space


An area rug is an excellent way to add that cosy feel to your living room or bedroom. It is also the easiest way to organise your space into various stations. Say you are selecting a rug for your living room. It should be big enough to unite the entire sitting area – a sofa, a set of chairs, side tables, and/or a coffee table. The legs of the furniture should be either partially on the rug or closely aligned to it.



2. Place at least four throw pillows on your sofa, mixing patterns or colours


One set of pillows looks skimpy, so place at least two pairs on your sofa. To make the look even more sophisticated, mix solid colours with patterns. Once you are comfortable with that, take it to the next level and mix and match colours, patterns, and fabrics. The great thing about throw pillows is that you can easily swap them depending on the time of a year or an occasion and give your sofa a fresh new look.