Top 10 Interior Design Trends in the UK

Pinterest is the number one social media platform for interior design enthusiasts. In 2018, Pinterest decided to put this fact to good use and started its first-ever Best Of Pinterest UK Interior Awards, which celebrates the UK’s home decor ideas. Back in March, the social media platform announced its shortlist, which is based on Pinners' nominations in such categories as DIY hacks, best imaginative ideas, top home styling tips, best use of colour and texture, and a few others. We decided to take a look at the list of nominations to see what’s trending among interior design lovers in the UK. Check out are our top picks.

1. Rethinking ceramic plates as decoration

Wall décor is continuously evolving. While creating picture walls is still a widely popular trend, homeowners are rethinking the use of ceramic plates, hanging them up on their walls. Often mixed and matched with large canvas pieces, plants, and picture frames, using ceramic plates as a decorative technique is a stunning way to add personality and a touch of whimsy to your walls.

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2. Colour matching your radiator

A radiator is a purely functional item, which, for the most part, doesn’t fit in with the rest of the interior and, as a result, has to be “dealt with”. Painting it the same colour as your walls is an easy and affordable solution to make it stand out less. Check out this guide to painting a radiator and turn it into a weekend DIY project.

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3. Creating art effects

This bohemian and somewhat careless style of wall design is gaining traction. We can see why. This impressionist style adds a splash of colour, looks simple, yet chic, and makes you feel instantly inspired. Doodles, splatters, inkblots, and random brush strokes are the most “in” designs of wallpaper in 2018.

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4. Choosing bold colours

Homeowners are no longer interested in playing it safe. In fact, the 2018 trend is to go for colours that scare you, something that you would never really think of as the right choice for your walls. Taking a risk and painting your wall a dark blue or a vibrant green colour can pay off big, creating dazzling visual effects.

Image source: Abigail Ahern

5. Going ultra violet

Speaking of bold colour choices, ultra violet is all the rave this season. Pantone’s colour of the year, ultra violet looks lux, giving a royal touch to the interior, without sacrificing the cosy feel. It’s a popular colour choice for furniture upholstery, wall paint, bedding, area rugs, and curtains.

Image source: Pinterest

6. Using reclaimed materials

Homeowners all over the world are moving towards more sustainable ways of living and decorating their space. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that making use of reclaimed materials is trending. Whether it’s brick, wood, metal fixtures, or ceramic tiles, opting for reclaimed materials can help significantly reduce energy consumption, use of natural materials, and pollution caused by the construction industry. If you want to join the movement, check out this guide to finding reclaimed materials for your home.

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7. Saving space with ladder desks

Especially popular for small spaces, transforming a ladder into a working station is one of UK’s favourite DIY projects. Decorated with plants, office supplies, pinboards, and other decorative elements, a ladder desk is a beautiful way to create office space. With remote working and freelancing on the rise, this trend makes perfect sense.

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8. Decorating with bold patterns

Simple geometric patterns in strong colours can completely transform the feel and look of your home. Whether you go for a patterned area rug, add geometric shapes to your walls, display them as wall art, or do all of the above, there is nothing boring about this trend. Are you inspired to paint geometric patterns on your walls? Check out a few tips to get started.

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9. Installing copper bathtubs

When combined with large green tiles, a copper bathtub gives an earthy feel to a bathroom. While it is unlikely that clean lines and white bathtubs will ever go out of style, adding more personality and variety to bathroom design is increasingly popular among Pinners.

Image source: Pinterest

10. Drawing inspiration from concrete for kitchen design

There are numerous benefits to using concrete in kitchen remodelling projects. It is highly durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and versatile. However, its practical benefit is only one of the reasons homeowners are increasingly opting for this material. Its sturdy and rough look and feel are appealing on an aesthetic level, especially when balanced out with softer materials like wood and carpets and punctuated with plants.

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What do you think of these interior design trends? Which ones would you love to try out in your home and which ones are too out there for your taste? Share your opinions with us in the comments section below!

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